Hontek Products

Rain Erosion Resistant, Sand Erosion Resistant, Why Both?

Military helicopters may operate in a sandy desert environment in one mission, and then move to a rainy environment in next mission. This unique requirement has forced Hontek to optimize most of its coatings to be highly Rain and Sand erosion resistant.

Helicopter rotor blades typically operate at the tip speed of 500 miles/hour, which is equal to 804.6 meters/hour, or 223.5 meters/second. Water at high speed is used to cut metal bars. At such speed, raindrops become extremely damaging to polymeric coatings and epoxy composite substrates.

Hontek’s coatings have been proven in numerous tests to be far superior than other competitive products. These coatings may be used to protect helicopter rotor blades, wind turbine rotor blades, fan blades, and other industrial applications.

Hontek has developed coatings and technologies that can be offered in the following forms:

Sprayable Coatings
for OEM applications and field repairs

  • Non-conductive, or
  • Antistatic (semi-conductive), or
  • Heat Conductive or
  • Gloss, semi-gloss or matte

Rollable Coatings
for OEM applications and field repairs

Brushable Coatings
for OEM applications and field repairs

Moldable Coatings
for OEM applications

Preformed Shapes
(boots, socks, sheets)

Hontek has formulated and characterized thousands of formulations of various chemistries since 1992.  Among them are many super high performance formulations for OEM and field repair applications.  Please contact Hontek with your problems and needs.  Hontek will be happy to work with you to find best solutions for you.