Hontek has developed superior high performance sprayable and moldable coatings to protect metallic, composite and other substrates used on aerospace structures.

Hontek’s new generation color stable coatings have demonstrated superior rain erosion resistance and hydrolysis stability.  These new generation coatings are especially suitable for use in AMS_C_83231B specification being adopted by SAE.

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) of the United States Air Force Materiel Command has conducted an industry search for rain erosion coatings and published its findings in May 2017.  Among the 11 coating systems tested, two Hontek coating systems ranked as the best two, with rain erosion resistance far better than the rest of competitive products.

Hydrolysis degradation of coatings is a huge concern for the U.S. Air Force. Hydrolysis degradation causes high molecular weight polymer’s reversion to low molecular weight components.  AFRL has confirmed that  Hontek coatings were the only ones that showed no hydrolysis degradation.  All other coatings degraded severely under the accelerated hydrolysis test.  The results demonstrated that Hontek coatings will be able to last much loner than other competitive rain erosion coatings on the market.

The followings are the screenshots of the AFRL Final Report, entitled “Erosion Resistant Protective Systems- Phase II Final Report”, which was approved for public release.

Hontek - Aerospace applications
Hontek-Aerospace applications
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