• Rollable (Liquid Reactive Coating)
  • Brushable (Liquid Reactive Coating)
  • Preformed Shape: (Precured solid shape, such as “soft shell”, “boot”)  

Hontek has developed extremely rain erosion resistant coating for wind turbine blade leading edge protection (LEP).  These coatings can be both rain erosion and particle erosion resistant. They can be applied by rollers, brushes, or adhesively bonded if they are preformed shapes.

Hontek liquid coatings have many  advantages over other competitive products:

  • Longer pot life than typical LEP coating
  • Very forgiving during field application
  • Excel in high humidity field repairs, up to 99% relative humidity 
  • Suitable for lower humidity, as low as 30% relative humidity (may include period of 16% to 30% relative humidity).

Hontek LEP coatings have been field trialed on high humidity environments on offshore wind farms.  They have also been installed in the dry mountains.  Great results have been reported. New improvements are also being added as a result of the field trials.

Hontek LEP coating has been verified by third party rain erosion screening tests sponsored by wind farm owners.  Among the eighteen coated samples tested, Hontek coating was found to be the best liquid coating in the test.