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Hontek’s high performance sprayable rain erosion coatings are suitable for applications on metal and composite suvstrates.Coatings can be formulated in black, gray and other UV stable colors.

Hontek’s new generation color stable coatings have demonstrated superior rain erosion resistance and hydrolyis stability, no reversion, no degration under for high pressure steam accelerated aging tests.  This new generation coatings are especially suitable for use in AMS_C_83231A specification:

Aerospace Material Specifications

Hontek HC05XP1/HC05XP2 Heat Conductive Coating

Hontek HC05XP1 is a 3-layered heat-conductive sprayable coating developed to enable thermal de-icing on the leading edge of helicopter rotor blades.  As a coating system, it has exceptional rain erosion resistance and sand erosion resistance.  It enabled easy field repair with a brushable basecoat kit and a disposable sprayable topcoat kit. The coating system was fielded in Iraq and Afghanistan by U.S.Army and had saved the U.S. Army tens of millions of dollars in rotor blade overhaul and replacement costs.  Hontek was nominated by AAAA to win the 2009 “The Army Aviation Materiel Readiness Award”. More detailed in the AWARD page.

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HC05XP2 is a new improved version with even better performance in rain.

Sprayable Coatings for Propellers / Fan Blades

Hontek sprayable coatings produce a very nice velvety coated surface on wood and composite propellers, providing superior protection against rain and sand erosion.  The coating has greatly increases longevity in the propellers and fan blades.